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Beer Overview

Dry-Hopped Berliner-style Weisse
Berliner-Style Weisse
We wanted to make a beer that was a bit outside of both breweries’ normal wheelhouses, so together we chose to create a twist on the classic, tart, Berliner Weisse. We’re playing off the slightly sour twang of the base beer by adding heaps of dry-hopped flavor to complement the tartness with citrusy and fruit-forward hop notes. The primary yeast strain is Sierra Nevada’s famous Kellerweis wheat beer yeast, which imparts notes of banana and clove, blending seamlessly with the hops to create a dry, white-wine-like flavor that is as crisp and refreshing as anything we’ve tried.
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About the Beer

Alcohol Content
Beginning Gravity
Ending Gravity
Bitterness Units
Hazy Blonde
Bittering Hops
Finishing Hops
Saaz, Amarillo
Two-row Pale, Wheat, Munich


Saint Arnold Brewing Company
2000 Lyons Ave. Houston, TX 77020
Saint Arnold Brewing Company—named for the patron saint of beer and brewers—pioneered craft beer in the state of Texas. They are masters of both traditional German styles as well as cutting-edge, all-American beers. They’ve done an incredible job of listening to their fans and brewing beers that directly appeal to their local market, all while making waves across the country for their innovative brewing skill.
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Est. 1994 | 2000 Lyons Ave. Houston, TX 77020

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