Beer Overview

Revolutionary Pale Ale
Pat-Rye-Ot is an “old-meets-new” take on a pale ale by brewers all located in the original 13 colonies. It features rye and apples, which were among the first ingredients used by American brewers in the colonies, alongside bold American hops—hallmarks of our modern craft beer “revolution.”

About the Beer

- Alcohol Content -
- Beginning Gravity -
13° Plato
- Ending Gravity -
1.9° Plato
- Bitterness Units -
- Yeast -
- Bittering Hops -
- Finishing Hops -
Experimental Hops
- Malts -
Two-row Pale, Rye, Crystal
- Other -
Delaware and Vermont Apple cider
This pale ale features rye and apples alongside a hearty dose of bold American hops for a light-bodied and modern take on a recipe steeped in traditional flavors.


Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Collaborators

I was proud to get the call from Ken Grossman and Brian Grossman asking me to captain the Beer Camp 2016 Northeast team. I immediately dropped what I was doing after the call and went for a pensive paddle board to imagine what it would be like to be at the helm of the Super Friends (my fav cartoon as a kid). I would organize a team with awesome creative and complementary super powers, and with diversity in scale and geography. Thankfully every one of my first team picks said “yes” and we are stoked to design a beer together with our pals from Sierra. Wonder quintuplet powers activate! Form of a wolf pack! Shape of a tank full of hot water, malted barley, rye, and colonial cider!

Sam Calagione
Owner, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

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