Beer Overview

Sweet Sunny South
Southern Table Beer
The south holds strong to its traditional flavors—tea, honey-sweet peaches and corn grits—so we looked at those culinary cues for this southern-inspired table beer. With a golden grainy malt body and complex tangy finish from the fruit, tea and herbs, Sweet Sunny South is perfect for sultry summer sipping.

About the Beer

- Alcohol Content -
- Beginning Gravity -
11.3° Plato
- Ending Gravity -
2.1° Plato
- Bitterness Units -
- Yeast -
- Bittering Hops -
- Finishing Hops -
Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon
- Malts -
Pilsner, Acidulated, Wheat
- Other -
Corn Grits, Black Tea, Honeysuckle, Peach, Papaya, Guava, Prickly Pear
This rustic ale features southern twists including corn grits, tea leaves, and plenty of sweet fruit—peaches, papaya, guava and prickly pear—for an easy-drinking beer.


Southeast Collaborators

We looked at Beer Camp as an opportunity to work with some truly great brewers in our region and not only have fun talking beer with them, but gain a little insight into how they do what they do. Our approach was to get a bunch of really creative people in one room and just kind of see what happened. Being that all of us are from some form of the south, something that struck a chord right away was the idea of focusing on ingredients indigenous to our areas. For some reason this thought of drinking tea on your porch on a hot summer day stood out, so we decided to do this really drinkable table saison infused with fruits and teas native to the south. Hopefully the end result will be nuanced but refreshing at the same time. Cheers!

Ryan Sentz
Owner, Funky Buddha Brewery

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