Gracious partners make the Beer Camp Across America festivals possible. They present the events, they receive any festival proceeds, and they champion craft beer and its creators. We’ll add more partners soon, so stay tuned!

  • American Malting Barley Assocition

    American Malting Barley Association is comprised of North American brewers, maltsters, and distillers, large and small, working together to encourage and support an adequate supply of high quality malting barley.

  • Florida Brewers Guild

    The Florida Brewers Guild is the nonprofit trade association committed to preserving the rights and interests of all craft brewers throughout the state. We encourage all sectors of the industry to come together under the common principles of advocacy, education, and good old fashioned brewing.

  • Hop Growers of America

    Hop Growers of America represents US commercial growers who produce approximately 1/3 of the global hop supply. We focus on trade, grower education, promotion, statistics, and industry development such as new hop varieties. Learn more about Hop Growers of America at

  • Hop Research Council

    The Hop Research Council is a non-profit organization that funds and directs hop research to benefit the U.S. hop industry. Members include domestic and international brewers, hop dealers, and hop grower organizations.

  • Inland Empire Brewers Guild

    The mission of the Inland Empire Brewers Guild is to market Inland Southern California (ISC) craft beers and to build public recognition and support of local breweries as viable and successful business operations throughout the ISC region. The Inland Empire Brewers Guild is proud to partner with the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild for this festival to promote craft beer culture in southern California. Learn more about the Inland Empire Brewers Guild at

  • Los Angeles County Brewers Guild

    The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild was founded to promote and protect the growing number of craft breweries in the county. The Guild’s mission also encompasses education and advocacy aimed at fostering a world-class beer culture in the region. Learn more about the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild at

  • Massachusetts Brewers Guild

    The Massachusetts Brewers Guild is a non-profit corporation, organized to help promote craft brewing and protect the interests of craft brewers in Massachusetts. Learn more about the Massachusetts Brewers Guild at

  • OSU Fermentation Science Program

    OSU is the leading university for brewing science education and research with a long history of raw materials research and breeding resulting in signature outputs like Cascade and Willamette hops.

  • Pints for Prostates

    Pints for Prostates reaches men through the universal language of beer. Funding health screenings and support groups, we urge men to: 1. Get Tested. 2. Live Longer. 3. Drink More Beer.

  • San Francisco Brewers Guild

    The San Francisco Brewers Guild represents local brewers and preserves the region's rich brewing heritage through initiatives like SF Beer Week, Brews on the Bay, Drink SF Beer, and, through our partnership with Sierra Nevada, Beer Camp Across America. Learn more about the San Francisco Brewers Guild at

  • Wisconsin Brewers Guild

    The Wisconsin Brewers Guild is dedicated to building upon Wisconsin’s rich brewing heritage through the production, marketing, and sale of top quality craft beers while maintaining the integrity of individual brewers and their breweries. Learn more about the Wisconsin Brewers Guild at